20 September, 2009


Here they come...

12 September, 2009

Hands! Is today yesterday?

Yep I got late with my studies, but I have the perfect excuse! I was moving ¬¬... Anyway hands are hard... But who doesn’t love them?

09 September, 2009

Yet another shocking announcement!

It seems a lot of us are falling behind on the studies here, sooo... we'll keep the Industrial vehicles topic one more day. That means, it topic will be changed some time this evening. Till then- it's industrial vehicles.

08 September, 2009

Arms, legs and buildings studies

Seems I'll be a topic behind this week. I plan on catching up though. But anyway... Here're the arms and legs studies that were supposed to be done in the weekend. They're all done from paintings by William Adolph Bouguereau. There's a lot to be learend from his works.

Next are some value buildings studies from when I was at home, sick. Also, there's a video of me painting the value studies. It has been sped up about six times. The actual time it took to make those was about an hour and ten-twenty minutes. I'm slow as hell, it would seem:)

07 September, 2009

Industrial vehicles

This week will be devoted to machinery and vehicles. So today and part of tomorrow we'll be doing studies of heavy industrial vehicles - tractors, bulldozers, those huge mining trucks, and so on...

Later on in the week we can also make studies of cars and trains, and trams. Maybe planes too. Sooo yeah, go for it.

Posting is a bit rare lately, but I hope things'll pick up. Have a nice evening all:)

05 September, 2009

Weekend arms and legs studies

Oookaaay... Pretend that I didn't miss a whole week of posting.
Now, that that is over with, on to the weekend studies! The topic is arms and legs. This means hands and feet included. So, make as many as you can, and don't forget about the value studies. Go have fun now!

P.S. Also, Mortleg and Calader are also admins now. Just so you know.


Here are the feet I promised. They are 11 because 1-feet are hard; 2-there is less feet sketches in my anatomy books, 3-I like beer.
That said, i had a blast doing them, especially the last 3. The reference for them was Bammes's Der Nackte Mensch and it was very challenging and rewarding to try and apply what I learned from Bridgman's book about the dynamics of shapes to the solid and photorealistic Bammes reference. :)

03 September, 2009

hands - first batch

some post-lunch break hands. Plan to add 10 more and do as many feet in the evening.
I am still trying to find a quick technique for those studies, because the flat line thing is really time-consuming. I think i will do all the rest with the opacity-sensitive round brush, it allows me to block in the volumes before i define the shapes. Did the last 3 this way and imo they look best and have a better structure than the others before them.

added 6 more sketches rounding them up to 20. Now to do as much feet.

01 September, 2009

Hands and feet studies

OK. I've been sick for the past few days. And still am, actually... So, sorry for the delay in posting. Anyway, on to the topic!
This week is anatomy week again and I was thinking of doing hands and feet studies again. At the very least not all of us managed to do them last time. Also, practise makes perfect. Soooo... on to the studies!
The plan is more or less to do a repetition of the first week of Sketchness. We make hands and feet studies today and tomorrow, arm studies tomorrow and the day after and finish it off with leg studies at Friday and Saturday morning. Then the weekend topic will be "more of the same". And, as always, value studies are encouraged. Too bad only Angelo makes those. But his are awesome, so no worries.
Have fun now:)