20 September, 2009


Here they come...

12 September, 2009

Hands! Is today yesterday?

Yep I got late with my studies, but I have the perfect excuse! I was moving ¬¬... Anyway hands are hard... But who doesn’t love them?

09 September, 2009

Yet another shocking announcement!

It seems a lot of us are falling behind on the studies here, sooo... we'll keep the Industrial vehicles topic one more day. That means, it topic will be changed some time this evening. Till then- it's industrial vehicles.

08 September, 2009

Arms, legs and buildings studies

Seems I'll be a topic behind this week. I plan on catching up though. But anyway... Here're the arms and legs studies that were supposed to be done in the weekend. They're all done from paintings by William Adolph Bouguereau. There's a lot to be learend from his works.

Next are some value buildings studies from when I was at home, sick. Also, there's a video of me painting the value studies. It has been sped up about six times. The actual time it took to make those was about an hour and ten-twenty minutes. I'm slow as hell, it would seem:)

07 September, 2009

Industrial vehicles

This week will be devoted to machinery and vehicles. So today and part of tomorrow we'll be doing studies of heavy industrial vehicles - tractors, bulldozers, those huge mining trucks, and so on...

Later on in the week we can also make studies of cars and trains, and trams. Maybe planes too. Sooo yeah, go for it.

Posting is a bit rare lately, but I hope things'll pick up. Have a nice evening all:)

05 September, 2009

Weekend arms and legs studies

Oookaaay... Pretend that I didn't miss a whole week of posting.
Now, that that is over with, on to the weekend studies! The topic is arms and legs. This means hands and feet included. So, make as many as you can, and don't forget about the value studies. Go have fun now!

P.S. Also, Mortleg and Calader are also admins now. Just so you know.


Here are the feet I promised. They are 11 because 1-feet are hard; 2-there is less feet sketches in my anatomy books, 3-I like beer.
That said, i had a blast doing them, especially the last 3. The reference for them was Bammes's Der Nackte Mensch and it was very challenging and rewarding to try and apply what I learned from Bridgman's book about the dynamics of shapes to the solid and photorealistic Bammes reference. :)

03 September, 2009

hands - first batch

some post-lunch break hands. Plan to add 10 more and do as many feet in the evening.
I am still trying to find a quick technique for those studies, because the flat line thing is really time-consuming. I think i will do all the rest with the opacity-sensitive round brush, it allows me to block in the volumes before i define the shapes. Did the last 3 this way and imo they look best and have a better structure than the others before them.

added 6 more sketches rounding them up to 20. Now to do as much feet.

01 September, 2009

Hands and feet studies

OK. I've been sick for the past few days. And still am, actually... So, sorry for the delay in posting. Anyway, on to the topic!
This week is anatomy week again and I was thinking of doing hands and feet studies again. At the very least not all of us managed to do them last time. Also, practise makes perfect. Soooo... on to the studies!
The plan is more or less to do a repetition of the first week of Sketchness. We make hands and feet studies today and tomorrow, arm studies tomorrow and the day after and finish it off with leg studies at Friday and Saturday morning. Then the weekend topic will be "more of the same". And, as always, value studies are encouraged. Too bad only Angelo makes those. But his are awesome, so no worries.
Have fun now:)

30 August, 2009

value face

Actually I had another face that was a bit better, but I lost when I croped the canvas ¬¬...

And this is the time lapse, loads of trial and errors (more errors than trials XD)... I would like to see the time lapse of u guys with u have time :) .

Residential buildings studies

As promised.
Most of the studies are of Asian buildings. Some are from Kowloon and some- from Gunkanjima Island. Get info on the places when you've got time.
Here are the drawings themselves.

29 August, 2009

I smell residential buildings

Here is just a couple of studies, just realized its so much easier to do those things using the pencil tool instead of the brush tool... Or maybe its the same ! Who knows?!
and here is the time lapse, I made me remind that I should have stoped doing this sketch before destroying its values :)

Value studies weekend

Well... Since some of us are lagging behind on the value studies, and those are important, we'll devote the rest of the weekend and the beginning of Monday to them. So, make value studies of whatever you feel like from this week's topics. Have fun:)

P.S. Gonna post my residential buildings studies tonight.

Residential buildings I guess

Here's my entry for the night. I'll try to catch up with the value studies and whatever I missed from the week on the weekend. What I just notice is that I ended doing more exteriors again, doing some more interiors in the future won't hurt I think.

28 August, 2009

Shops of various kinds and purposes

Here's my not so impressive attempt to catch up with the shops, done on my laptop with the tablet on my lap in WarPaint(Open Canvas 1.1) something I'm totally not used to. But enough complains, hope to come up with my value study at some point tomorrow. Or is it today already?

workshop studies

workshops... I feel like upgrading my garage for some reason :)

27 August, 2009

Residential buildings studies

Next topic is residential buildings studies. It'll be a two-day topic, so this means Friday included. I was thinking of doing studies on houses and the like today, and switching to big city residential buildings on Friday. So, you know- make as many as you can, and make 'em as diverse as you can. Have fun:)

Workshop studies

Weell... it would seem that none of us are having much luck with the workshop studies. Here's my very late contribution.

26 August, 2009

Workshop studies

New topic is workshop studies. The same as the stores- it can be any kind of workshop you like- pottery, blacksmith, tanner, etc.
Gonna try and finish my value study for the previous topic and make a new one for this one.

store studies

I've enjoyed this one :)

25 August, 2009

Store studies

Here's what I did today so far. If I'm lucky and have enough time, I'll make some value studies. In the meantime- here's the line drawings.


With a significant delay

24 August, 2009

Store studies

This week is environment week again.
We'll be doing different types of buildings each day. So, to begin we'll draw stores. All kinds of stores you can think of- small ones, big ones, parts of ones, high-tech ones, clothing stores, sports stores and so on.
Sooo... you know- make as many as possible and try to include a few value studies.
Have fun:)

Facial Features

Here are mine. I'm a bit disappointed in myself. Didn't do alot this weekend. Anyway, here's the pictures.

This week will be an environments week. Next topic comming in a few hours.

I smell some...facial features

Mostly noses, too tired to comment. I performed poorly this weekend.

22 August, 2009

facial features/ catching up to other sutff

Hey guys, Calader just invited me to join Sketchness, and well... it’s pretty cool :)

one street skecth, perhaps too many sloppy unnecessary lines

some female ones

20 August, 2009

catching up on torsoes

6 from tonight. Female anatomy is hard as hell >< . At least with the male if you make it a bit rougher its not a problem.

Shocking announcement!

Hello. Here's a shocking announcement.
Due to me not posting my facial features studies, Mortleg not posting his facial features studies, Calader not posting his facial features studies, and SoulSurvivor not posting... at all, I've decided to keep the facial features topic till Friday. Then, Friday till Saturday we'll be drawing faces. And then, Saturday and Sunday, we'll be drawing complete figures. With faces and fingers... and toes. The goal is to make them detailed and also practice values. Sooo... we'll be making less studies, but we'll take longer on each of them.

I was also thinking that maybe we should start making some our daily studies value studies. Sssooo... what do you guys think?

Street corners & Crossroads

Here's my late late night entry for architecture. Decided to conceptrate on various street corners and crossroads. I'll try to catch up at least partialy with the old topicks and get up to speed with you guys.

19 August, 2009


Here are some torsoes, gonna do some female in the evening and then move to facials, cause I'm a bit behind :)

Facial features studies

We're making studies of facial features today. That means -eyes, noses, mouths and ears. Doesn't matter if it's pure line drawings or shaded pictures. They may even be colour. Just make more of them, so you learn more in the process. Have fun now:)

18 August, 2009

Torso studies

Here are my torso studies from today. Really scribbly an' stuff, but I like how they turned out. Really helps to think of the torso as a series of overlapping ovoids... with muscles on top. And skin. And then draw squiggly lines.

17 August, 2009

Anatomy week 17.08-23.08

I fail at weekend updating... But anyway, here's the plan for the week. Today's topic is torso studies. Then we'll make facial features studies (ears included), then we'll move on to whole faces, and then we'll either make studies of people in general (concentrating on whichever parts we wish), or we'll keep the usual weekend routine and make more of the studies we did during the week.

So, today's topic- torso studies. No matter if they're male or female, chubby or skinny and so on. Soo... keep 'em simple, make as much as possible.

15 August, 2009

Weekend 15.08.2009-16.08.2009

Well... It's the weekend. We're drawing whatever we feel like drawing from all of this week's topics. Which means, general hardsurface studies, architecture and buildings, vehicles and machinery, and studies of objects from life. Have fun with 'em.

Object studies

Here some from me. Just before going to bed. What I've discovered is that it's really hard for me get just the right perspective, as I sometimes manage when working from photos. But, anyway... Pictures:)


Well... Next topic is objects. Which means... just about anything. Watches, glasses, tables, flash drives... Drawing from life is encouraged here since we all have access to obects. Sooo... again, keep it simple, do as many as you can. And it's important they be done from life. Have fun now.

14 August, 2009

Vehicles and machinery studies

Here's stuff from this morning and lunch break. It's hard to draw machinery when you have absolutely no idea wwhat their parts are doing, or even what they are doing. Sssoooo... here's machines and vehicles.

Vehicles and machinery

Oookay... New topic's gonna be vehicles and machinery. Prefferably vehicles that look like machinery. Like cranes, bulldozers, trains, mining machinery.
The plan is to finish this week off as a kind of "Introduction to perspective drawing". Afterwards, we'll focus on each of the individual topics we've gone through this week, so we're probably gonna be doing a lot of building studies (different styles, different environments, etc.), then a lot of machinery studies and so on.
Any thoughts on the matter are appreciated. As you have probably figured out by now- the schedule isn't set in stone so feel free to suggest stuff, disagree with stuff and so on.

13 August, 2009

Church of Tesla

Bah, I had already started doing the electrical substation last night when I saw that we are supposed to do buildings now. So I finished it anyway and did some cathedrals.

Architecture and buildings studies

Here's what I came up with this morning, while watching Dexter's Lab. Damn! This cartoon is still as awesome as ever! Anyway... here's buildings. Hopefully there'll be more this afternoon.

Architecture and buildings

Just so you know guys, the next topic is architecture and buildings. They can be "pin-up" style drawings of isolated buildings or they can be part of a larger composition. The important thing is that there's buildings in the studies.
Have fun!

12 August, 2009

Hard-on surface

Here are mine. Seems like lunch break is the time i can get to do those studies. Its harder at home :). First three are from the lunch break, last one from yesterday. Hope to do some more before the end of the day but wouldn't bet on it.

Hardsurface studies 02

Here's some more from me. I'll maybe draw some more after work, but wouldn't really bet on it. I'm happy with some parts of those. Others really bug me, but they were fun to do. Hoping that if I do a thousand of those, I'll get really awesome. Or at least learn how to draw a square. Or reveal the secret of immortality... Who knows?

Anyway... It seems we'll be announcing the topics in the evenings soooo... next topic comming in the evening. But it'll probably be architecture and buildings.

Hardsurface studies: Industrial elements

And here's some from me. Decided to start small with some industrial tools and ellements. Pretty misserable first attempt, with a couple of nicer hits. Expect more soon. 

More of the same

Ssooo... next topic is indeed more of the same. We discussed it and decided that it'll be best if we make another session of those, that'll serve as a kind of warm-up. Then, in the following days we'll do buildings, vehicles and objects, and during the weekend- whatever we want from all that. So- more studies of scenes with prominent perspective are expected:)

Have fun now:)

11 August, 2009

Hardsurface studies

That's it for this topic from me, for today. Less than I expected... I wanted to do... a hundred. Or a million. Seven'll do though.

Tomorrow's topic will be posted this evening.

Have fun now, whoever it is that may be reading this:)