28 March, 2010


Ok now this one I tryed to pick an extremely small pallet of colors and simple tones. Other thing was exagerate the perspective scale and not forget the fog because getting depth is one of the things I have hard time getting right. Post process was just to bring more brightness on the highlights and get more greens and reds on the darker areas.

26 March, 2010

Brightness overload

Here's my contribution from two days ago. :) Messy messy brush strokes, I have to try and be less heavy handed, and balance soft/hart brushes better. And one last important note - LEARN TO PAIN/DRAW SKIES !!!

23 March, 2010


This one I followed some tone advice dr calader told me, and found a low key reference I could paint. The white sky was problematic but the glow solved it (i guess :)). Here is a wip of that without the fake filters :

And a high key one

Will do some more tone studies (looking at real randon landscapes), my challenge is in keeping tones separated! I am actually rigging my chair to an electro shock device which discharges a small amount of energy every time I do a tonal mess...

Btw guys don’t let the blog die again :( plz

22 March, 2010

Sunlit city again

Weell... Here's another attempt at a sunlit city. With tiny buildings. Or huge people roaming it. You decide. And the process steps. Just in case anyone is interested:)

19 March, 2010

mood 2

this one was "ok lets do something weird" sort of thing :)


18 March, 2010

A city lit by... sun. Wooo!

Ah well... I might as well post my attempt at speed painting. Might as well feel bad about myself:)

oh fuck you guys

Таман бях казал, че не искам да правя спийд-ове...

Sunshine City

New topic is tomming and Sketchness lives again with some speeds of sun bathed locations. Enjoy my entries for today. I tried hard to hit the 20-30 min time limit we've set and almost did it one took 30 and the other 35 mins. I expect better times on the next round.