15 September, 2010

100 Heads

Here's another 100 things exercise, heads this time. Most of them really bad attempts some not so bad. The important thing learned tons of thing, thing's that I do wrong and many I need to improve or concentrate more on. Here's a list of some.

- Increase format, tiny moleskin is nice quick and comfortable, but the lack of "resolution" messes your proportions and often the sense of scale. Makes you miss things.

- Pay more attention to perspective in faces, try and exaggerate it when needed. Yes it's there especially when the viewer is very close to the subject.
- Pay more attention to subtleties and detail, something the larger format allows.

- Fill in my visual dictionary with greater variety of expressions, not only extremes, but ones expressing more subtle feelings too.

- Do more studies from life and reference. Those are never enough. And are especially useful after s loon series you've tried to pull out of your head.

- There's maybe more.

note: some heads might be missing, because done on separate sheets or SBs if I manage to track those down and scan them I'll add them here

11 August, 2010

100 faces

05 July, 2010

100 Arms

Here are my 100. Not the best ones I did, I've gotten a bit rusty lately in that department, nevertheless there are a few nice hits.

05 June, 2010

100 guns

Ok I did the 100 gun, mostly really crap. One thing I learned is that for a sketch to be useful and to evaluate an idea it needs some quality. So next time will try to improve on that. And I picked one of the guns I liked and rendered, probably will do with another one if I have time (I am moving).

And the skecthes (please dont look at those)

19 May, 2010

City on bright light

Still some elements that i could have used a straight line here and there (buldings :)). The depth is better than before but I am not quite happy yet. I guess doing it in high key helped a bit to get realism/depth. Main problem is how the sea disapears and probably the lack of effort on the right side of the picture. Oh and the bridge could be not so chunky, that would look more realistic. and maybe the sun as way too big... oh well clouds look a bit big as well ¬¬...

18 May, 2010

faces to break up the monotony ;)

Just to not saturate, still planning diferent ways to achieve depth easily on the city in bright light backgrounds... thinking.. thinking... maybe next time will do with out depth and add that later with the photoshop filters this time.

16 May, 2010

14 May, 2010

City in bright light again

This was nice to do. Calader sent me some interesting links about other artists works. So for this I tryed to simplify my process and making it more spontaneous. Started with the sky in lighter tone, them painted the buildings and trees in a fairly equal amout of brightness (only changing their colors). The diference in brightnes (shadows and lights) I've added litle by litle starting on the foreground and making it more transparent and not so obvious on the background. The grey things on the backgorund could have been trees but i guess I always get those things in the distance wrong!

09 May, 2010

City on...

I found a really cool photo of this city on the interwebs and decided to draw. I know its not bright sunlight, but here it goes anyway :)

30 April, 2010

bright city pt .5

Aw japonese veneza! This one was looking to much like the reference so I decided to add some japonese stuff!!

28 April, 2010

bright city pt. 4

I've just realized my title should be city in bright light, not a bright city! well well... This was a colorful one but in the end I just got the black color and painted over, leaving just some areas with color. Still working on the depth, there is still some bugs here and there like the building that is brighter than the trees even thou its on front of it. Well I need to patch those bugs in my mind in this lifetime!

26 April, 2010

bright city pt. 3

This one was totally hard to get tones and colors right for some reason. Still not 100% happy but it is way better than it was before :)

25 April, 2010

bright city pt. 2

Still with some good reference left with the same theme.

23 April, 2010

bright city

This one is heavly post processed and it took hours and hours to finish (yeah i missed the speed part of the process). My main problem is that the scale looks tiny... wonder what else could I have done to make it look more realistic...

21 April, 2010

Hello there,

New guy here. Just sketched a City with a birght sunlight. Didn't work much on the building textures so for a better contrast. Critiques, compliments and suggestions are always welcome.

Rock on

Back on the bright city

First of all, want to say welcome to rock dude (aka marcelo zanin) an old friend joining us.

And now back to the speed bright cities.

19 April, 2010


17 April, 2010

05 April, 2010

Clouds expriment 1

This was an expriment. It was geting a randon drawing and doing a cloud from it. The only draw back is how i dosent look to have depth (the cloud). Next time I will try to start from random more 3d elaborated shapes that are more definied in space than this effort. In the end should look like a randon cloud so I don't know how much the of the first shapes gets to the end.

02 April, 2010

sky study

trying some clouds. they could be softer :P. Colors were getting muddy on the sun, so I used an aditive brush instead, guess its so much easier when it comes to light on photoshop. One thing thats weird is how the sun dosent look like its on the sky, but right after the montains. And how the montains look like they are receding and coming foward in some places.

28 March, 2010


Ok now this one I tryed to pick an extremely small pallet of colors and simple tones. Other thing was exagerate the perspective scale and not forget the fog because getting depth is one of the things I have hard time getting right. Post process was just to bring more brightness on the highlights and get more greens and reds on the darker areas.

26 March, 2010

Brightness overload

Here's my contribution from two days ago. :) Messy messy brush strokes, I have to try and be less heavy handed, and balance soft/hart brushes better. And one last important note - LEARN TO PAIN/DRAW SKIES !!!

23 March, 2010


This one I followed some tone advice dr calader told me, and found a low key reference I could paint. The white sky was problematic but the glow solved it (i guess :)). Here is a wip of that without the fake filters :

And a high key one

Will do some more tone studies (looking at real randon landscapes), my challenge is in keeping tones separated! I am actually rigging my chair to an electro shock device which discharges a small amount of energy every time I do a tonal mess...

Btw guys don’t let the blog die again :( plz

22 March, 2010

Sunlit city again

Weell... Here's another attempt at a sunlit city. With tiny buildings. Or huge people roaming it. You decide. And the process steps. Just in case anyone is interested:)

19 March, 2010

mood 2

this one was "ok lets do something weird" sort of thing :)


18 March, 2010

A city lit by... sun. Wooo!

Ah well... I might as well post my attempt at speed painting. Might as well feel bad about myself:)

oh fuck you guys

Таман бях казал, че не искам да правя спийд-ове...

Sunshine City

New topic is tomming and Sketchness lives again with some speeds of sun bathed locations. Enjoy my entries for today. I tried hard to hit the 20-30 min time limit we've set and almost did it one took 30 and the other 35 mins. I expect better times on the next round.