15 September, 2010

100 Heads

Here's another 100 things exercise, heads this time. Most of them really bad attempts some not so bad. The important thing learned tons of thing, thing's that I do wrong and many I need to improve or concentrate more on. Here's a list of some.

- Increase format, tiny moleskin is nice quick and comfortable, but the lack of "resolution" messes your proportions and often the sense of scale. Makes you miss things.

- Pay more attention to perspective in faces, try and exaggerate it when needed. Yes it's there especially when the viewer is very close to the subject.
- Pay more attention to subtleties and detail, something the larger format allows.

- Fill in my visual dictionary with greater variety of expressions, not only extremes, but ones expressing more subtle feelings too.

- Do more studies from life and reference. Those are never enough. And are especially useful after s loon series you've tried to pull out of your head.

- There's maybe more.

note: some heads might be missing, because done on separate sheets or SBs if I manage to track those down and scan them I'll add them here

1 comment:

  1. nice studies, XD, and nice writng on whats going on ur mind, very intersting sir