19 May, 2010

City on bright light

Still some elements that i could have used a straight line here and there (buldings :)). The depth is better than before but I am not quite happy yet. I guess doing it in high key helped a bit to get realism/depth. Main problem is how the sea disapears and probably the lack of effort on the right side of the picture. Oh and the bridge could be not so chunky, that would look more realistic. and maybe the sun as way too big... oh well clouds look a bit big as well ¬¬...

18 May, 2010

faces to break up the monotony ;)

Just to not saturate, still planning diferent ways to achieve depth easily on the city in bright light backgrounds... thinking.. thinking... maybe next time will do with out depth and add that later with the photoshop filters this time.

16 May, 2010

14 May, 2010

City in bright light again

This was nice to do. Calader sent me some interesting links about other artists works. So for this I tryed to simplify my process and making it more spontaneous. Started with the sky in lighter tone, them painted the buildings and trees in a fairly equal amout of brightness (only changing their colors). The diference in brightnes (shadows and lights) I've added litle by litle starting on the foreground and making it more transparent and not so obvious on the background. The grey things on the backgorund could have been trees but i guess I always get those things in the distance wrong!

09 May, 2010

City on...

I found a really cool photo of this city on the interwebs and decided to draw. I know its not bright sunlight, but here it goes anyway :)