30 April, 2010

bright city pt .5

Aw japonese veneza! This one was looking to much like the reference so I decided to add some japonese stuff!!

28 April, 2010

bright city pt. 4

I've just realized my title should be city in bright light, not a bright city! well well... This was a colorful one but in the end I just got the black color and painted over, leaving just some areas with color. Still working on the depth, there is still some bugs here and there like the building that is brighter than the trees even thou its on front of it. Well I need to patch those bugs in my mind in this lifetime!

26 April, 2010

bright city pt. 3

This one was totally hard to get tones and colors right for some reason. Still not 100% happy but it is way better than it was before :)

25 April, 2010

bright city pt. 2

Still with some good reference left with the same theme.

23 April, 2010

bright city

This one is heavly post processed and it took hours and hours to finish (yeah i missed the speed part of the process). My main problem is that the scale looks tiny... wonder what else could I have done to make it look more realistic...

21 April, 2010

Hello there,

New guy here. Just sketched a City with a birght sunlight. Didn't work much on the building textures so for a better contrast. Critiques, compliments and suggestions are always welcome.

Rock on

Back on the bright city

First of all, want to say welcome to rock dude (aka marcelo zanin) an old friend joining us.

And now back to the speed bright cities.

19 April, 2010


17 April, 2010

05 April, 2010

Clouds expriment 1

This was an expriment. It was geting a randon drawing and doing a cloud from it. The only draw back is how i dosent look to have depth (the cloud). Next time I will try to start from random more 3d elaborated shapes that are more definied in space than this effort. In the end should look like a randon cloud so I don't know how much the of the first shapes gets to the end.

02 April, 2010

sky study

trying some clouds. they could be softer :P. Colors were getting muddy on the sun, so I used an aditive brush instead, guess its so much easier when it comes to light on photoshop. One thing thats weird is how the sun dosent look like its on the sky, but right after the montains. And how the montains look like they are receding and coming foward in some places.