22 August, 2009

facial features/ catching up to other sutff

Hey guys, Calader just invited me to join Sketchness, and well... it’s pretty cool :)

one street skecth, perhaps too many sloppy unnecessary lines

some female ones


  1. Calendar:))) Fun:)

    Also, welcome:) Hope you enjoy your stay here!

    The individual features studies are great! Love how the line is searching for the form. But curiously enough I love the hair at the bottom right the most. The line is really confident there and it looks awesome!

    And in the way of critiques- I notice you do what I often do, which is to put the eye facing away from us really close to the nose, and the eye facing us- almost at the end of the mouth. We have to try and think conciously about that all the time I guess.

  2. Oh... you edited his name. Then disregard the Calendar comment above, I suppose:)

  3. haha yeah I wrote "Calendar" and corrected 5 minutes later, but u were too fast! XD

    thanks for the comments, indeed positioning the features is something to pay atention. especially when my drawing is looking a bit like rocky balboa after taking too much punishment..