08 August, 2009


Hello, all you people who may be reading this. The idea of this whole thing is to keep people motivated and make 'em do daily studies on various topics.Also, giving feedback on other people's studies is encouraged.

So far there's only a few of us (two actually... maybe three... or four), but the more people join in, the less likely it is for the acitivity to die off. And so far the whole thing has been going on for about a week.

The closest thing to a plan I currently have is to maybe change the general subject of the studies each week. Which means a week of anatomy followed by a week of environments (or everything else that is not related to anatomy - vehicles, buildings, woods...). Then, during the weekend we should all either take a break from this, or try to make more studies on whichever subjects we liked during the week.

So far the topics were:

Next week will either be devoted to faces and torsos, or to something environment related (like cookie jars.)

Ssooooo... I'll be posting my studies soon. In case you want to join in the fun send me an e-mail or comment on this post and let me know. You'll need a Gmail account to be able to post here.


  1. Hi, I am interested in joining. I am currently studying on my own, which is a big challenge for me as I am used to following school schedule. I didn't understand how to join though. I'll just post my studies of the topic on the comments?


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  3. We decided to keep the blog private. If you want though, we can make an activity thread over at ConceptArt.org where the topics will be the same as here. Write to me there if you're interested.