10 August, 2009


Next topic is hardsurface studies. Like Lok Jansen's sketches. Every source of reference is fine (from life, from photos...). The goal is to make only line drawings, so keep it quick and simple. The more,the better. Also, the more complicated the perspective, the better. So, buildings, objects, rooms... anything is fine, but it is better if it's a composition of several objects so spacial relations can be explored.

Tomorrow will probably be more of the same, but we'll see.

Also, we (as in me and two other people who haven't posted anything) decided it would be best to switch between anatomy and environments each week. So this week is dedicated to environment studies and next week we'll be back to anatomy.

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  1. really like what your doing, great subjects so far. love Lok Jansen's work. glad you helped me come accross him.